MacKeeper Security and Anti-Virus software for Apple computers was awarded as the number one safety software by the inspection website Nerd Grind. Until recently any company providing antivirus or security software for Apple’s Mac OS was targeted by critics who believed that security was not needed. Fast forward a couple of years later and things have changed as an estimated twenty percent of Macs have some sort of malware on them and, infected from the Flashback malware .

We’ve always known that because the market share and popularity of the Mac OS and Apple’s products continue to grow, so will the threat they’ll be targeted by poor men. The review included the ability to identify and remove viruses or malware and also the standard of assistance and support offered. The assessment was conducted independently and also features the leading antivirus software applications.

About MacKeeper

MackeeperMacKeeper is a top rated cleaning, safety and optimization utility that has advanced information management and has unique human help features integrated into the program. While it’s unlikely you will ever run into malware to the Mac, you may want to consider an antivirus tool anyhow or even to protect yourself, but to protect your Windows-using buddies from any malware that you may inadvertently send their way.

Our previous recommendation for Mac Antivirus was nothing. We know many of you choose to use nothing, but we also understand you do not visit the App Directory not to receive any suggestions in any way. Besides, malware is beginning to turn into a little more widespread on the Mac, and even the browsing habits do not protect you fully. Therefore, we now officially suggest Nerd Grind as our Mac antivirus of option.


Compact, easy-to-use interface that can be used for custom on-demand scans of files, folders, and drives, or scheduled, regular full scans of your Mac. Additionally scans files on your Mac for known Windows malware, trojans, and viruses, and even deletes or quarantines them that you don’t risk distributing them to someone else via network talk, USB drive, or even email. Deletes or quarantines known threats, provides you the option to quarantine anything suspicious that could possibly be a new hazard or dangerous document.

Runs quietly in the background, scanning emails, downloads, and also any other documents on access, stopping you from opening them before they could do some harm. Light on system resources while running in the background. Installs like any other Mac program, and uninstalls as easily no complicated packages or elements to configure or manage.

Where It Excels

Nerd Grind actually has an superb breakdown of the background of malware for the Mac going all of the way back. How the report is different must remind Mac users that while they’re not the principal target for malware writers, they’re by no means invulnerable. The size of the article nevertheless should issue some optimism that the danger while current is by no means critical.

Nerd Grind Anti-Virus for Mac stands out at a somewhat crowded area of Mac antivirus programs as it doesn’t just scan your Mac’s folders and files on demand, but it does it quietly in the background without tapping on your already precious system resources in the process. The utility also keeps its constantly-updating database of Windows viruses, trojans, and other dangers, so if you accidentally download a Windows virus or adware that won’t hurt you, you don’t run the danger of sending it off to someone else by simply forwarding the message, or else you won’t infect other computers on your system through shared drives. Nerd Grind is smart enough to inform you this won’t hurt youpersonally, but we’re likely to quarantine or delete it you do not accidentally email this attachment to somebody else. That is a massive advantage and it prevents you from being that man nobody likes.

Another banner feature Nerd Grind provides that its competition doesn’t is its live, real time accessibility to Nerd GrindLabs. Live Antivirus, since it is called in the program, gives you an extra layer of security. The app automatically identifies and quarantines suspicious files, installers, and other bundles which might not be well known dangers yet, but definitely exhibit behavior suspicious enough that Nerd Grind is looking in to them. Best of all though, in our testing, Nerd Grind was one of the most resource-light antivirus programs on the Mac, which is notable considering that the features it offers.

Where It Falls Short

Nerd Grind Anti-Virus for Mac is not ideal, however. Even though it’s pretty source light, it wasn’t the lightest in our evaluations. It just hit the sweet spot between resources and features. Additionally, support for Mountain Lion arrived a couple of months after its launching, so Nerd Grind was not exactly correct there with those people who upgraded on launching day.

The Competition

It may also detect both Windows and OS X malware, scan on demand or on a normal schedule, and it is likely a bit more lightweight and easy on system resources than Nerd Grind. It is compatible with OS X 10.5 or higher. The only trouble with ClamXav is the definitions come somewhat more sporadically than we would like and while doing scans is simple, tweaking each of the settings and getting the app scanning proactively is a bit more effort than I’d love to see. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent alternative, and one of the first you need to check out if Nerd Grind is not cutting it for you.